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Chat with josephinebloom - Gipsy Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Ajka online. 25-30 years of experience in Tarot Reading. Welcome everybody! Read my profile! Read my feedbacks! They speak for themselves in my name! ABOUT ME I am a woman of my 40`s and I have been practicing this gift of revealing future for more than 30 years. I use many decks - lenormand, gipsy, tarot, runes a.s.o - but my favorite one is the old deck used by my great great granny. In this respects, I am the fourth generation of psychics in my family. It is an inheritance that I will gladly use to help anybody who is seeking for advise, support, guidance and ... truth,most of all. - I bring light of understanding wherever there is darkness -I bring wisdom of knowledge whenever there are worries, confusion, doubts -I bring certainties wherever there are uncertainties Are there any aspects of your life you cannot find an explanation for? I can offer that answer! You will no longer have any hesitations when in need of making decisions! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! KNOWLEDGE IS STRENGTH This is what I can offer you! KNOWLEDGE! - a better understanding of what is going on in your life! You can now find it out, conclude , decide and act! You can find who is fit for you or what is fit for you! Knowledge brings understanding of choices you can make, of possibilities you can chose from in order to improve your life! All you have to do is LISTEN ! And listen attentively so that you can figure out which are those aspects of your life you can work on so that you can allow things " move forward"... -So many of us live regretting the past or being worried for the future and losing the joy of the present moment ! How long are you going to waste your time running after shadows that come and go? The day when you are able to put all these things together and understand what is going on... well, that day is a new start! In order to be successful you need to change the way you see things, the way you think, in fact. - Why pray for easier burdens instead of praying for stronger shoulders? -You already know the saying " When God is closing a door, He has already opened another one !" But where is Your part in here? Is there anything you can do? YES, definitely ! YOU SHOULD LOOK FOR THAT DOOR ! THAT IS WHAT KNOWLEDGE IS ABOUT ! And this is what I am trying to reveal you! Knowledge.... and understanding as well. Another important aspect that goes hand in hand with knowledge is... TRUTH... And truth is never a mistake but... telling the truth to someone who is not ready to hear it... well, that could be a mistake.! This is why I consider very important that you should know, have the knowledge and understanding also. Not to say that telling the truth can be both helpful or painful but... what really matters is THE WAY YOU SAY IT ! ALWAYS WITH LOVE! ALWAYS CARING ! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS REVELATION? - TRUTH MEANS HOPING FOR THE BETTER BUT BEING READY FOR THE WORST... I will kindly ask you to get this inner attitude with you when coming into my room,please! This way you will never be disappointed... Use my gifts and you will find the paths you need to follow in order to gain the clarity needed to gain success and reach your goals. - The road of your life has the same route - either driving up or driving down. It`s only a matter of human nature and of people who make different choices, isn`t that so? In other words, did you know that circumstances or situations in our lives ARE ALWAYS GOOD ONES? NEVER BAD ONES? (even if they look like) - WE ONLY HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO USE THEM ! -Imagine for instance there is someone waiting for better circumstances in order to improve his life... did you know that there is a strong probability for that person to wait for an eternity? - It could be very important how we will probably die but... till then, isn`t it more important how we live? Think about that! - Did you know that for weak people problems are nothing but rocks standing on their way, while for the daring people the same problems are just steps they are climbing up?.. . Not to speak about the MISFORTUNES in our lives! They could be both a bless or a curse.And it all depends on our ability to understand they exist with one reason only- TO TEACH US WHAT WE CAN DO WITH THEM ! Now try imagine this situation, please- - first, consider the "past" of your life as being a "cancelled check" and the "future" as being some sort of "policy". As for the "present", consider it as being your "cash". I now have a question for you- Isn`t the present the only one you can use? All you have to do is UNDERSTAND THAT! AND USE IT PROPERLY,AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! HAPPINESS - isn`t this a subject of great interest for anybody? Well,yes, definitely! What we don`t understand is the fact that HAPPINESS DOESN`T DEPEND ON WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR LIVES,BUT ON OUR OWN REACTION TO THAT ! Do you know what my MOTTO in life is? It is good to have great knowledge but it is even better TO USE THAT ! Understanding and knowledge altogether will bring different perspectives on what is going on in your lives! - Isn`t it better to climb and fall instead of not climbing at all? Why am I telling you all these things? Because I cannot offer you MIRACLES but only my caring heart and gift so that you can get a deeper and more like wiser perspective upon your real position in life right this very moment. According to that you can see yourselves what are the options you may have from now on and of course, the possible consequences of your future deeds.... FUTURE, AGAIN, I REPEAT, IS NOT YET WRITTEN... BUT YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN WRITE IT ! Not me or anybody else.... ONLY YOU... I now dare asking you something that I consider very important - Are you ready to be told what is going on "BEHIND THE SCENES"? - in other words, "the true diagnosis" and what kind of expectations you may have from now on? Why am I asking this? Because I had this feeling of "false expectation" coming from many of you... and I don`t like feeling like that, to be honest. For a better understanding of what I am talking about, I will give you an example Consider this situation A doctor established one certain diagnosis and you are doubtful about that. Isn`t it normal to seek and ask for a second opinion? From the same doctor (repeating the analises) or from some other doctors, as many as possible, In the end you still have doubts... So many doctors,... so many medical opinions.... And nobody to tell you definitely what is going on...or what to do next... Not to speak that even doctors may tell you what you want to hear, isn`t that so? Now, is that wrong? Is that right? WHAT YOU DON` T UNDERSTAND IS THAT ... NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO... NOBODY CAN EVER DO THAT... YOU WILL BE GIVEN ONLY POSSIBILITIES TO FOLLOW AND YOU WILL THEN CHOSE AMONG THEM... THIS IS WHAT WISDOM IS ABOUT ... AND FREE WILL AS WELL. What you need to understand is this - ALL DOCTORS ARE GIVING YOU THE SAME TRUTH ... THE ONLY THING THAT DIFFERS IS ... THE PERSPECTIVES THEY ARE OFFERRING YOU ABOUT THE SAME ILLNESS... .. Take into consideration how many aspects can be revealed when it`s a question of the simplest illness, not to speak about the most dangerous ones.... Now I want you to do one more thing Imagine that we are no longer talking about "doctors" and "diseases".... and replace these two words with "psychics" and "lives or destinies"... Why am I doing this comparison? Because I don`t like being asked about some other psychic`s prediction as if being contradictory to mine...or viceversa. I don`t feel comfortable about that because first it is not ethical and secondly, as I already explained you, THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS THE SAME, ONLY PERSPECTIVES ON IT ARE DIFFERENT.... As many people,... as many psychics... as many questions.... as many answers.... What really matters - for each of you- is YOUR QUESTIONS AND YOUR ANSWERS ... What really matters is not HOW MANY PSYCHICS YOU HAVE VISITED, OR HOW MANY ANSWERS YOU MAY HAVE GOT... BUT ....WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH ALL THAT INFORMATION...AFTER GATHERING IT ALL?... THIS IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS... NOTE- When I speak about gathering information from different psychics, well, that doesn`t include the so called "short clue or yes-no answer"...these are just a waste of time, in my opinion. It is as if you cannot find the doctor to talk to and ask for the nurse to give you the precious information you are waiting for... NOTE I am not going to do that anymore,- the "clue"_ just in order to satisfy your curiosity... because, you see, as I have already explained BEFORE, there is a great risk of understanding something wrong.... because the information was not complete. Still, I am waiting for you in my free chat... for a friendly talk as usually. . To end up with, I thank you for having read the lines above and I want you to know that it is all a matter of KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.... OF HAVING EYES WIDE OPEN AND EARS AS WELL, NOT TO SPEAK ABOUT MIND AND HEART... when you listen to what you are being told... WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF ENERGIES... YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, MY DEAR FRIENDS, AND SO AM I . THE SOONER YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, THE BETTER FOR YOU... Your present is now and it is the consequence of your past... Can you meditate on that so that you can finally decide it is time for you to do something so that you may have that future you want?!No more waste at all? In my opinion, the secret of a life without worries is GOING WITH GOD TODAY... AND TRUSTING IN HIM FOR TOMORROW... DON`T TRY BEING ABOVE OTHERS, JUST TRY BEING/ DOING BETTER TODAY THAN YESTERDAY!... love and light, Josephine

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